How It Works

StartUpBoss is an online business platform that is designed to enable Nigerian to make real and legitimate money online in many ways. In this platform, you will make money internationally and locally.

We offer top-notch and life transforming information, training, services, products, and support to enable our members to start earning real money online within minutes, GUARANTEED!


  • This is not a referral based platform, meaning you don’t necessarily need to refer people before you can access all the tutorials and premium course here.
  • This in not an investment program or ponzi scheme. It is an online business where you work and get paid for your online activities.
  • This is not a Peer to Peer donation program as you do not need to provide help to anybody.
  • Here, you LEARNWORK and EARN.

This program is loaded with many benefits (products and services) for its premium members to earn real and legitimate money online in Nigeria.

Everyone needs this information and will thank you for presenting it to them.

    • As a premium member on this platform, you will be given a unique affiliate link.
    • Post your affiliate link on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, forums, WhatsApp, chat rooms, blogs e.t.c.
    • Any visitor that clicks your link, register and upgrade his/her account to premium, you earn N2,500 into your local bank account instantly.
    • There is no limit on the amount of money one can earn.
    • You will earn 50% (N2,500) for life for each member that joins the site through your link and upgrade to premium membership.
    • This is a one line referral system. Other programs required you to refer 2 to 5 people before earning. Here you earn from the very first person that upgrade his/her account under you. With only 2 referrals, you will recover your upgrade fee while you keep enjoying the benefits of this program. In this era of social media, you don’t need to talk to anyone or convince them to join. Just post your link on social people and you see people joining through you. Training on this is also available in premium account member area.

      This is the only online business in Nigeria that gives you the opportunity to make money locally and internationally. Get paid in dollars for your online activities, while we pay you locally for spreading the good news.

      • One membership levels are available.
        Premium membership.

      Premium members will have access to all the Membership Benefits listed on members benefits page.